2.14.11 Action Alert! Vermont's Bottle Bill
By: friendv3 (friendv3) 2011.02.14

Vermont's Bottle Bill is our state's most successful recycling program, and according to a poll by VPIRG has the support of more than 90% of Vermonters. Thanks to this important legislation, Vermonters recycle 85% of covered beverage containers, while states without such legislation recycle, on average, only 24%. By updating the Bottle Bill to include non-carbonated beverages, we can keep upwards of 82 million more containers out of landfills and off of our roadsides.

Friends of the Mad River volunteers spend many hours each spring cleaning up the banks of the Mad River, and collect countless beverage containers each year.  We fully support VPIRG's campaign to strengthen Vermont's Bottle Bill--let's keep more bottles out of our river and out of landfills!

 Visit VPIRG's Better Bottle Bill website to find out more and PLEASE contact your local legislator and urge them to support this bill.