Mad River Flooding Talk | 11.10.11 | 1824 House
By: friendv3 (friendv3) 2011.11.08

It's a Mad River: A look at flooding in the Mad River Valley & the evolution of river management 
A presentation led by river scientists from the VT Department of Environmental Conservation, local river experts & historians. In addition, Harwood's 7th grade science class will present posters on their exploration of the Mad River.

November 10th, 6:30-8:30pm 

1824 House Inn, Waitsfield
  • Intro and welcome 
  • Irene: Holy Cow, that was A LOT of water
    • What happened during Tropical Storm Irene?
    • How did it compare to other flood events?
    • How did the river change (show before and after orthophotos)
    • What did we do "right"?
    • Areas for improvement?
  • The history of the Mad River
    • Major flood events since the 1800's
    • How the river channel has changed over time (historic orthophotos)
    • How our management of the river has changed
    • How the watershed has changed 
  • River Dynamics and Management
    • brief review of basic river science
    • How flooding and erosion impacts our communities
    • How our communities impact flooding and erosion
    • How gravel extraction, straightening and rip rapping changes/impacts rivers
    • Inherent conflicts with the river and our development
    • Current management strategies (active and passive)
  • Success stories
    • What we have done right so far (i.e.: conservation projects)
  • Questionsflood talk poster