7.24.12 Mad River Watch Results This Week
By: friendv3 (friendv3) 2012.07.24

Mad River Watch finds low, warm water and mostly low E.coli levels

View data from 7/23/12 (pdf)

Sampling results from the most recent round of Friends of the Mad Riverís Mad River Watch volunteer water quality program on Monday morning July 23<sup>rd</sup> show most sites with favorable swimming conditions, with only 2 of thirty-five sites testing above Vermont Health Departmentís new water quality standard for E.coli in recreational waters (235 colonies of E.coli per 100 mL water).  The sites were north of Warren village and along Pony Farm Road in Moretown.

At the time of sampling Monday morning, the flow condition of the Mad River was very low and holding steady at about 19 cubic feet per second (cfs), as measured at the USGS gage in Moretown.  Median flow for this date is approx 60 cfs.  According to the data collected at the gage, the flow is nearing the 10 year, 7-day low flow (15 cfs); this is the lowest level (7-day average) that is only reached about every 10 years.  To view the data recorded by the gage and historical data and facts, visit the USGS website at http://waterdata.usgs.gov/vt/nwis/uv?site_no=04288000.

Water temperatures observed in the main stem of the Mad River on Monday are about 10 degrees warmer than those measured in 2010.  This is in part due to the low water levels and abundance of sunshine that has dominated the weather pattern.  Certain cold-water fish species such as trout become very stressed when water temperatures warm, and seek the colder temperatures of some of the Mad Riverís tributaries in these conditions.  While many of the tributaries are relatively warm compared to 2010, they are fortunately still cooler than the mainstem.

For more information about E. coli and the Mad River Watch program, to view our most recent complete data report on the Friends of the Mad River website http://www.FriendsoftheMadRiver.org.  Friends is a membership organization, and depends on the generous contributions of members to continue the Mad River Watch and other programs; learn how to become a member and donate securely online at our website.

Many thanks to this weekís Mad River Watch volunteers: Susy Deane, Mike Ware,  Fran & Gary Plewak, Thayer Maclay and Dave & Sandra Gould.  Also, many thanks to Cyndee Button, our volunteer Lab Coordinator.