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07.28.08 Mad River Watch Reports Results
By: friendv3 (friendv3) 2008.08.04

Mad River Watch is a volunteer water monitoring program sponsored by the Friends of the Mad River (FMR).   Volunteers collect water samples at 37 sites every other week in June, July, and August, and the samples are analyzed in the FMR lab for E.coli, a type of bacteria.

**Click here to view results from sampling on July 28th**

E. coli bacteria, found in the intestines of warm blooded animals, is a beneficial bacteria that helps digest food.  Most strains of E.coli are considered harmless, however certain strains, such as E.coli O157:H7, can cause foodborne illness.  Despite the fact that E.coli itself is not usually harmful, high levels of E.coli in recreational water means swimmers are at increased risk for illness.  High E.coli levels indicate an increased likelihood of the presence of related fecal-borne pathogens, including organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  Selected results from E.coli testing completed by Mad River Watch volunteers on July 28th is reported in the table above.  For a full report of results, please visit

For more information about E. coli and the Mad River Watch program, or to report a river-related illness call 496-9127.  Thanks to this week’s Mad River Watch volunteers; samplers this week included:  Jack Byrne, Mary Gow, Emily Hewitt, Elizabeth Walker, Montserrat Carbonell, Kathryn Barnes and Eloise Reed.  Many thanks to Kinny Perot for posting the results at various sites and to Cyndee Button for her work in the lab.

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